Jess & Josh

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Our story

After losing both our fathers to cancer, we became devoted to the mantra “let food be thy medicine.” Yet, balancing school, our careers, and active lifestyles required quite a bit of preparation. On the days when we needed a quick “pick me up”, we realized there was a scarce selection of energizing beverages readily available in grocery/health food markets. We became frustrated with the lack of organic products on grocery store shelves and decided to do some research.

After months of experimenting in the kitchen and copious amounts of research on nutrition, we were able to create beverages that were healthy AND still tasted great. By combining ingredients that contain rich amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and polyphenols we created beverages that support vitality, health and well-being. 

We now feel it is our responsibility to help others live and feel better. That is why we have formulated beverages that deliver both energy and nutrition. Unlike traditional coffee and energy drinks, our beverages are sure to keep you revitalized and feeling great all day long. We hope you enjoy our line of 100% organic handmade beverages and are inspired to spread the love!

 – Jessica and Joshua